Security Resources


Here you will find a collection of documents and other resources. Unless otherwise noted, you are free to use Security Advancement documents for any personal, nonprofit or noncommercial purpose. For other uses, please contact us. All information is provided without guarantee or warranty of any kind.

Camera – Monitor – Recorder Resolution Info.  A PDF reference document showing pixel dimensions for many video display, transmission and recording formats. From SQCIF to QUXGA and most everything in between… A web version is available here and Axis has a good summary that goes into detail about aspect ratios and more here.

Industry and Association Links

Router Password Database  A helpful site with default username and password information for most routers and managed switches.

Robtex search engine. Useful for gathering information about IP ranges, DNS, hosts, etc… They even provide a simple way to include current IP information on a page, like this:
ip information

Shodan Search Engine. The Shodan project scans large parts of the Internet to catalog exposed hosts and services. Their search engine is often cited as a source of information about the scope of a security vulnerability, as it can be used to search for the “signatures” of systems exposed to the public Internet.