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Detex Door-Prop Alarm


The EAX-300 from Detex is a battery-operated alarm with integrated delay timer. This allows free short-term use of a door, while monitoring for a “propped open” condition. Common applications include:

– Rear Receiving Doors
– Server Rooms and Data Closets
– Vault / Cash Offices
– Employee / Stairwell Doors

The alarm delay is adjustable between one second and four minutes, and the unit can be deactivated via key when necessary. It is important to note that once the alarm sounds, it can be silenced by simply closing the door, unlike similar alarms that require a key to reset. This will be seen as a pro or con, depending on the application.

Since the device requires no cabling, it would be simple to retrofit into existing spaces. For new construction and remodels, a cabled solution would have the advantages of being powered remotely (no batteries to change) and could be partially concealed for better aesthetics and security. It should also be noted that the trend is toward gathering and reporting such events to improve policy compliance and link them to video – which requires a more intelligent system. The Detex device is elegant in its simplicity, comes from a reputable manufacturer, and is definitely worth considering for low-security applications.

Complete specs can be viewed here.