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Another Reason to Keep Keys in Your Pocket!

note_encryptedWe learned this week about an unbelievably bad idea in the way of an online business called “Keys Duplicated” that will copy mechanical keys from a photograph submitted via their site. Users are reassured that this is secure because they require a photograph that includes fingers (supposedly proving ownership – or at least physical control of the key) and the fact that they ship to a street address…

The company decodes the bitting of the key from the photo and cuts a duplicate according to the appropriate manufacturer’s depth and spacing specifications. We have warned for years about the vulnerabilities of standard mechanical keys and the ease of access to code-cut duplicates – but this process seems especially friendly to those with malicious intent.

Hopefully, you are careful about where you leave your keys at the office, and you most certainly use a valet key (or remove house and office keys from the ring) when parking, right?!