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DoS Attacks on Call Centers?

This is worth keeping an eye on. If the perpetrators’ focus shifts to private enterprise or provider central monitoring stations, it could create entirely new problems for our industry:

From CSO Online:

Your emergency call centers may be under attack soon
Federal law enforcement officials are reporting a rise in attacks in which the telephone lines of emergency call centers are flooded with bogus calls by extortionists whose demands for cash are refused. The entire number of attacks is rising,” said Rod Wallace, vice president of services for SecureLogix. The increase is seen across organizations, public and private. Typically, the motivation is to extort money or to protest a particular political or social cause. In the latest attacks, someone with a heavy accent calls the center, known as a public-safety answering point, claiming to be with a collections company for payday loans. The caller then demands a payment of $5,000 to cover the outstanding debt of a former employee or sometimes for someone who never worked at the center. When the demands are refused, the TDoS attacks begin, lasting for intermittent periods over several hours.