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Can Your Systems Withstand a 200Gbps DDoS Attack?

SandThe numbers are amazing – and should concern anyone with critical systems that rely on IP connectivity, and those operating in data centers with this kind of “attractive” bandwidth…  (emphasis below was added)

Fueled by Super Botnets, DDoS Attacks Grow Meaner and Ever-More Powerful
Ars Technica (04/17/13) Goodin, Dan

Prolexic reports that the average amount of bandwidth being used to carry out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks has surged dramatically in the last three months. Prolexic estimates that the average bandwidth used in DDoS attacks was 48.25 Gbps in the first quarter, nearly eight times the average during the same period last year. The duration of the average attack also grew in the first quarter, from 28.5 hours in 2012’s first quarter to 34.5 hours this year. Prolexic says it has seen attacks using as much as 160 Gbps and expects to see attacks using up to 200 Gbps by the end of June.

This massive surge in attack volume has been blamed on the growing use of super-botnets, which send malicious traffic using infected servers rather than infected personal computers, with hackers targeting servers for common Web applications. The most well-known of these new DDoS attacks have targeted major U.S. banks and been attributed to the militant wing of Hamas, but Prolexic says the manpower, technical skill, organization, and resources required to pull them off suggest they are the work of highly coordinated bands of veteran cybercriminals, likely hiring their services out to third parties.

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