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Theft and Security Statistics Links – Anchor Post

This post will be updated periodically with statistics, links, and other information related to shoplifting, theft/fraud, and the security industry in general.


Shoplifting & Loss Prevention Studies & Stats

12-07-2012: Centre for Retail Research “Shoplifting for Christmas 2012”   Shoplifting+for+Christmas+2012+Study+US

12-06-2012: Norcross Patch article quoting CRR report and stats from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention

12-04-2012: NRF article quoting estimates that return fraud will cost U.S. retailers $2.9B this holiday season. The estimates were derived from survey responses – the details of which are available here.


Security Industry Stats

12-07-2012: Freedonia Security Industry Growth Report. “US demand for private contracted security services is projected to increase 5.2 percent annually to $63.8 billion in 2016. The market will be supported by a high perceived risk of crime (from conventional violent and property crimes to white collar crimes and terrorism) and a concern that public safety officials are overburdened. The outsourcing of security activities to contracted firms, instead of relying on in-house security, will support demand. The privatization of some public safety operations, such as guarding government facilities and correctional facilities management, will also boost gains.

Security services that capitalize on continuing technological developments hold especially good prospects. For instance, both security consulting and systems integration revenues will see above-average growth. Security consultants and systems integrators are able to manage a wide variety of services when creating, upgrading or implementing security plans and when installing or upgrading complex electronic security devices. In addition, the trend toward more sophisticated and automated security electronics that are increasingly integrated with other building operations will boost growth for these services. ”

12-02-2012: Yahoo article on IBIS’s security alarm services growth report. Also, here is a direct link to the IBIS site.


General Crime and Other Stats