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Security Hole Could Let Samsung TVs Watch You

SamsungTVIt is without the slightest bit of surprise that I share information about a vulnerability discovered in a line of Samsung’s “Smart TVs” that could potentially allow an attacker to view video from a connected camera over the Internet. Additionally, social media credentials may be compromised, and files like pictures and other media residing on attached storage can be accessed or deleted.

The weakness was discovered by ReVuln, the same group that published information about zero-day holes in SCADA equipment just months ago. Here is a link to an article with more information.

With the proliferation of microphones and cameras in all types of consumer electronics, we have only begun to imagine the impact that vulnerabilities like this could have. From industrial espionage to invasions of privacy in the living room, there is no doubt that these devices will be attractive hacking targets for years to come…

As of today, Samsung does not have an update or patch available to address the issues.